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Who we are

Oasis Montessori French Academy is an independent school that opened its doors in 2007 and is the first French Montessori school in the Vancouver area. We follow modern Montessori program guidelines where children are challenged to develop their full potential in a highly-structured, warm and loving surrounding.

Our highly-trained educators practice faithful application of the Montessori methods, designing learning materials and creating an environment that is tailored to each child’s age and emotional and physical competencies. We help to develop a child’s self-control, preserving their self-esteem by allowing the child to see his or her own errors, so teachers do not need to point them out. This freedom to explore one’s own abilities is balanced by a structured setting comprising learning – from French language immersion to phonics, art, music, and culture to free play and social activities that promote confidence and emotional growth

Oasis Montessori Academy set itself apart with its French-language immersion, small class ratio, and our city’s top Certified Montessori educators.

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